Behavior in the Library

Food and drink shall not be permitted in the public areas of the library during regular hours.  No smoking or sleeping will be permitted in the library, or on the premises, at any time. 

Shirt and shoes must be worn in the library.  In addition, extreme exceptions to generally acceptable standards of dress and personal hygiene shall not be permitted.  The use of skates or rollerblades will not be permitted on the premises.

Loitering, loud noise , or any behavior that disturbs other patrons or staff will not be permitted.

Cell phones may be used in the library foyer only.

Behavior which violates the Criminal Code of the State of Illinois is prohibited.

Pets or other animals, except those trained to assist the disabled or those which are part of the library, or a library sponsored program, shall not be permitted in the library.

Anyone violating the Rules and Regulations of the library shall be subject to one or more of the following penalties:

a. verbal warning

b. ejection from the premises

c. suspension of library privileges

d. revocation of library privileges

e. prosecution subject to the Criminal Code of the State of Illinois

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