Get a Library Card

If you live in our service area, you may get a library card free of charge, as part of your tax-supported library service.

Your library card allows you to:

  • Borrow books and other items from us and from most other public libraries in Illinois. 

To get a library card, a person needs to provide two things: a photo ID and proof that they live within our library district (the city limits of Mendota).  The ID can be a driver's license or state ID card. To prove that a person lives within our district, a piece of mail, such as a bill, or even a check with your current address on it will work.  All user information is confidential.

If a person lives outside of our library district, the above mentioned ID and proof of address are required, plus an annual fee (determined by State of Illinois formula) currently $70.00, for the household.

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